nfuzion Team

The team at nfuzion does not always play by the rules. It’s part of what makes us strong contenders. We believe diversity of thought leads to better innovation. Our talented team of design engineers brings over 200 combined years of experience to our clients, transforming smart ideas into brilliant solutions. We focus not just on making products better, but changing the way people live, work and play. We make a difference and it feels good.

Kris Hanon Principal
One of our two principals and lead systems engineer, Kris directs our business development activities. He has over twenty years experience in software and hardware design with specialties that cover the complete understanding and responsiveness of a quality consumer electronics product.
Mark Westcott Principal
One of our two principals and lead mechanical engineer, Mark has over 17 years of experience in mechanical and production design. His specialties include complete program management, plastic and metal design and production. Mark also directs the business administration for nfuzion.
Randy Tyner User Experience Principal
Randy is our principal user experience designer and graphic artist with over 17 years of experience in developing user interfaces for automotive and consumer electronics devices. Randy has the unique ability to understand not only the top application layers but also the system’s inner workings to bring the entire experience to its greatest potential.
Steve Mobley Sr. Software Engineer
Steve has over 30 years of software development and management experience. Over his career, Steve has expertise in algorithm development in image processing and audio processing, developing and implementing communications protocols including inter process, inter device, LAN and WAN IP (TCP, UDP, Multicast) as well as experience in mission critical software in control environments and emergency communications. Steve also worked in many different programming languages as well as authoring custom programming languages and designing and implementing their compilers and/or interpreters on multiple platforms. Steve has held positions as a hardware design engineer and as well as combined hardware/software engineer. His experience in digital, analog, optics and RF design also allows him to excel in the integration, problem assessment and resolution of hardware and software issues.
Keith Lankford Sr. Software Engineer
Keith is one of our software engineers who specializes in hardware integration, bring-up and debugging. Keith is fully capable of hardware rework as well as developing driver code for hardware platforms.
Robert Sturtz Sr. Software Engineer
Robert Sturtz is a senior embedded firmware/electrical engineer with nearly 20 years of experience. He specializes in embedded system design/architecture, and embedded real time software. He has experience with embedded GSM wireless technology, Apple iPod accessory development, satellite radio, HD radio, embedded ZigBee, and enterprise software development.
Lee Becham Software Engineer
Lee is an applications software engineer with over 15 years of experience in developing user interface and application software in the consumer electronics and industrial industries.
Christopher George Software Engineer
Christopher is an electrical engineer with a background in software design and development. His extensive experience across many different areas of software development allows him to provide invaluable software solutions to our clients.
Adam Williams User Experience Designer
Adam has quickly grasped the methods leveraged within nfuzion to maximize performance of the user experience application.
Joe Lipscomb Software Engineer
Jill Foster Administrative Assistant
Jill adeptly keeps details managed and facilitates the team to go about the business of creating solutions for our clients. Jill manages all accounts payable and billable as well as oversees all the human resources tasks. In general, she keeps this team together hammering out great work.