nfuzion’s Cohesive HMI Ecosystem

nfuzion specializes in designing a cohesive user experience. We focus on intuitive HMI applications, finely tuned audio and integration of human interface devices, which leave our clients wanting to…

See It!, Hear It!, and Touch It!

nFuzion technology demonstration vehicle

See It!

  • nfuzion custom designed HMI centerstack thin client with a 1024×600 pixel display and local application engine.
  • RIM Playbook-based integrated vehicle cluster using nfuzion gateway technology to provide real-world vehicle information to the cluster application brought to the car.
  • RIM Playbook-based integrated vehilce rear seat entertainment (RSE). Demonstrating the ability for how OEMs can control and interact with “off the shelf” tablets and creating OEM-branded applications for integration with their vehicles.
  • We have created a vehicle extension application framework that allows the OEM to create a standalone interactive application that is brandable and OS independent allowing consumers to bring their tablet/smart phones to interact with their car.

Hear It!

  • nfuzion proprietary 400 Watt, Class D, DSP-based amplifer with nfuzion audio gateway and wireless audio technology.
  • nfuzion Mini Countryman loudspeaker system topology:
    4 x 25 mm AcustaSilk dome tweeters
    4 x 100 mm Acoustaprene extended bandwidth midrange speakers
    1 x (174×252) mm woofer featuring an Augmented Ovate Surround in a 1st order custom enclosure
  • Integrated microphone for BT Hands Free operation as well as vehicle Voice Recognition.

Touch It!

  • nfuzion custom designed HMI centerstack thin-client with multitouch capacitive touch sensor.
  • Vehicle integration via nfuzion gateway technology. Provides total vehicle control and interaction via OEM vehicle bus-based devices such as steering wheel controls, jog shuttle and hard-button controls.
  • nfuzion multitouch capacitive touch pad. Enables complete vehicle control of Centerstack, Cluster, RSE and Portable Applications.
  • ELMOS Halios integrated centerstack sensors for reduced driver distraction and advanced gesture-based HMI interactions with the appropriate cabin electronics.
  • ELMOS Halios integrated rear seat entertainment sensors enabling advanced gesture-based HMI interactions with the vehicle entertainment system.