In The Queue

nfuzion in the queue

We’re here to create something of enduring value, products that bring meaningful benefit to people’s lives. We invite you into our world: a sneak peak at work in progress and a look at the future.

The Mini Project
Check out how we turned an already-cool car into a technology demonstration vehicle with fully-integrated human machine interface (HMI) technologies, demonstrating the latest advances in HMI tool-chains , wireless capabilities and a silky-smooth system integration.  If seeing is believing, prepare yourself to be amazed at the advances in tomorrow’s user experiences. See It!, Hear It!, Touch It!
Brand Identity and Management
Cluster, head unit, rear seat entertainment, connected applications and portable applications are all the parts to a complete user experience in the vehicle. nfuzion has technology that allows for the entire vehicle user experience to be customizable and brand defined by the OEM. Read More.
Premium Non-Branded Audio
nfuzion has partnered with proven automotive industry manufacturers to provide an efficient, customizable audio platform. Read More.